hitchin (hitchin) wrote in tw_fic_request,

Torchwood/Red Eye crossover request

Okay guys, this idea wormed its way into my brain this morning and has not left all day.

I would like to see a story which crosses Torchwood with the movie Red Eye.

The first scenario I thought of was a Jackson/Ianto pairing in which Jackson (as played by the lickable Cillian Murphy) is in Cardiff for a job and wonders into the tourist shop for directions, happening on Ianto at the desk. He gets directions and leaves, but the next day returns to ask who what there is to do for fun around Cardiff, since Ianto was oh so helpful the day before. :3

You don't have to use this scene in your fic, nor does it even need to have that pairing. I just want Jackson Rippner interacting with one or more characters from Torchwood!

If you'd like inspiration, here's a clip from the film.

Maybe Jack has to stop Jackson from some sort of mischief or perhaps Tosh met him in prison. Whatever!

Can someone make it happen? <3
Tags: request
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