qualli (qualli) wrote in tw_fic_request,

Secret Keeping Ianto

Not a specific request, but a certain cliche in another fandom has inspired a yearning.

Are there any fics where Ianto is sick or injured, but doesn't tell the team for various reasons?

double points if someone yells at him for being slow/ clumsy/ not paying attention and the reason for the above is he's sick or injured?
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I would love to read this as well! What other fandom where you talking about?
hee! I thought I posted this to tw fic finders. oops! Shall repost there.

It happens alot (or happened) in Stargate during the geeky daniel era. There's a great one where Daniel almost vivesects himself with a rope trying to pulls teal'c and sam up a cliff. That was years ago though.My friend mentioned an early Stargate: Atlantis fic featuring Mckay. I'll forward the post to her and see if she can chime in.

Magnificent Seven was also good for it. Mostly Ezra.