Christie (sam_can_do_it) wrote in tw_fic_request,

Request/Bunny for kid fic.

I'm sort of addicted to the stories when a team member or two gets turned into a child and the rest of the team must deal with them. I'm a Janto fan and there for I love it when one of them turns and essentially glues themselves to the other. However, I was wondering if anyone has written a fic where Ianto turns into a kid and for at least part of the time is absolutely terrified of Jack. I just see it being very funny to have Jack trying really hard to make wee!Ianto unafraid and Ianto hiding behind any of the other team members. I also think it would be funny if Owen were to add fuel to the fear just to mess with Jack and Ianto!

If this doesn't exist yet, does anyone wish to write it? I may but I only have limited access to a computer as mine is currently sick and don't know if I could write it right now.

If someone can link me I will love you forever!
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