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More Cow Bell

funny ha-ha and funny other

Lately, I've been pimping around the idea of stun-gun pwp, and, gladly, several have taken up the call. Unfortunately, another idea popped into my head while the discussion was going on, and it is too weird and funny to stay in my head.

So, I'm kinda sick this weekend, and so I said (to someone who was writing my other fic), "Humor me? I'm sick, and I need the therapy only Dr. Ianto can provide (erm, which bring to mind a very inappropriate analogy.)"

And then someone told me, "I've seen one of those bizarro-looking Victorian machines in a museum - looked like a sewing machine with a shower attachment. Poor old doctors getting hand cramp. "

Well, you can guess where this fic request is going now, can't you? Ianto, Jack, antiques. Extra points for using the following: The Amazing Agent Jones and His Contrabulous Fabtraption.

And, really, go ahead and take all the credit. I'm marginally embarrassed by the whole idea, actually. Why do I know this kind of stuff?
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